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'Sarthak'...Giving meaning to lives

Sarthak Enkindling Hopes, established in 2006, is a center for children with special needs, founded by Dr Inchie Lonial (PT). Located at Meerut, India, it primarily offers Early Intervention services to babies and children who are potentially at a high risk for poor neurological outcomes. Early identification of neuro-developmental issues like autism, sensory processing issues, developmental delay and learning disabilities can help to address them at the right time. If the problems are left to worsen as the child grows, they begin to hamper daily functional life.

Dr Inchie Lonial completed a Masters’ in Physiotherapy in Neurology, and began working with infants at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Jaswant Rai Speciality Hospital, Meerut, headed by Dr Anuj Rastogi. These infants included the ones who had a delayed cry at birth, had breathing difficulty or distress soon after being born, were born extremely preterm or had developed a severe jaundice at a few days of birth. These babies had to be followed up periodically for early stimulation and physiotherapy, to prevent and minimize chances of disability. She further accomplished courses in Early Intervention (0 to 3 years), Early Childhood Special Education and then in Education of children with Learning Disabilities from the Rehabilitation Council of India, alongwith a number of trainings in Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Sensory Integration, Brain Gym, handwriting, phonics and Handle techniques. Now children’s educational needs could also be taken care of, as many children are unable to attend schools due to the challenges faced. 

Dr Inchie Lonial also did a short-term course in Music Therapy, to incorporate its elements in Special Education and enhance speech and communication. Autism and Sensory Integration are her areas of special interest and expertise. Daily storytelling has always been an important part  of the  home  education plans given. Her belief in the power of storytelling motivated her to do a Course in Storytelling from Kathalaya’s International Academy of Storytelling (University of Tennessee, USA),  after which Amaya’s StoryLand was created. It offers Storytelling for ALL kids, irrespective of age and abilities.

Being a free lance writer by choice, Dr Inchie has penned a number of middles for newspapers, and poetry and health care articles for magazines. She’s conducted numerous training workshops on Sensory Integration, Storytelling for parents of children with Autism, and Inclusive Education for schools. She received the ‘Significant Contribution Award’ from the Indian Association of Physiotherapists in 2015.
SARTHAK ENKINDLING HOPES got registered under The Trademarks Act, 1999 under Class 44 on January 10, 2013.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer your queries

Here are some questions frequently asked by the parents.

Doctor with kid

Think outside of the labels of “normal” and “abnormal”! Count each improvement as an achievement. Our aim is for the child to continually get better than what they used to be. Pursuit of so-called ‘normalcy’ is not healthy. Believe in yourself and your child. Best efforts render potentially best results. Your child maybe doing great, but be open to seek help at any age and stage, whenever you need solutions to address concerns.

In view of prevention of COVID-19 and other infections,

  • Please measure temperature of child and whoever accompanies him at home itself
  • Do not visit in case of any signs of being unwell, fever, cough, cold or shortness of breath.
  • Fresh masks to be worn by accompanying parent and child.
  • You are required to come strictly 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time for screening.
  • Please get a new pair of gloves along, which are to worn only while entering clinic.
  • Hands and feet would be sanitized or washed at entrance, or use shoe covers.
  • You will have to sign a consent form with your address details
  • As minimum attendants would be allowed inside, it would be better not to get other children and other family members along.
  • It is required to be punctual, and cooperate with all protocols.

Until the pandemic crisis lasts, it is safer for all – you and us, especially the child, to take online sessions, until we really require an assessment to be done physically.

Firstly, we’ve always believed that with our regular support, guidance, periodic follow-ups and working on customized home plans, parents can provide the best therapy to their child. Once they are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills, they can sustain prolonged treatment these problems require. Moreover, child is more playful, responsive and comfortable at home. Secondly, the Corona situation has made this a necessity even more!

Online appointments save travel time, expenses, minimize risk of exposure to infections, can be done from the comfort of your home, and happen in a more planned way. However, in-clinic appointments would be given if an assessment of a problem and its treatment demands it. Net connectivity in certain remote areas may also be a factor. To get an appointment, please go through Book an Appointment.

Prior payment through Paytm, Google Pay, Bank transfer, Cash (in case you are visiting in person). Scheduled session time would be informed to you through text or email.  

Specialized in Early Intervention, we primarily work for children in their early years. We continue to help them as they get older, and also work on their educational aspect, functional abilities and pre-vocational training.

We use a holistic approach, and the goal of therapy is to maximize chances of functional independence. Child will require therapy depending on the nature of his problem, his existing status, how early therapy could be initiated (earlier the better!), his age, scope of improvement that’s unique for every child, and how well, consistently and effectively a therapy plan could be executed.

Definitely makes assessment tough. It would be good to attempt to retrieve duplicate copies. But if that’s not possible, please write a detailed case summary in chronological sequence since birth, to help us understand your child better. If you lose our documents, your child would need an extra re-assessment session. Please try to save their soft copies to be safe for the future.

We help parents with strategies and techniques to teach children, and we also provide a yearly story curriculum from Kathalaya StorySpace, that supports their grade and level. However, going to school is important to give them a social environment, learn to communicate and develop relationships, life skills and makes them go through structured academics.

When asked for, we provide assessment of the child depending on the issues faced, so that school can understand and help child cope better. In addition, we also provide guidance and individualized education plans as to how the school can provide accommodations or modifications, and how they could teach him and evaluate him, according to his special needs, like in case of Specific Learning Disorder or ADHD.  

Please express your concern to us, so that we can provide you with longer home plans in one go.  You could also receive support by purchasing our resource guide Sarthak Early Intervention Toolkit (Edition 1) that’s available for a very nominal cost.

You could email us your query with our prescription within one week of the date of the session at

Sessions are usually scheduled on first come, first serve basis, and on how much time a child would require depending on his problem. Our work usually does not have any emergencies. We need to do careful assessment through detailed history-taking and evaluation to understand your child, followed by explaining you the customized plan we give. So this process should ideally not be hurried. Moreover, online sessions give you the choice of consulting us from home. Yet, we can take up an early appointment only in case the problem demands so.  

Please try making note of points explained during the session. In case you wish to take pictures or make a video, you strictly need to take permission. You may be allowed in special cases only, and may be asked to wait until the main task and counseling is over, and no other children or therapist herself are in the picture. Photos and videos should not be shared on WhatsApp or social media like Facebook.

You are requested to post your question with basic details on email only Please view Contact Us

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Anand Veer Singh

Clinical Music Therapist and

Dr. Inchie Lonial

Pediatric Physiotherapist, Special Educator and Storyteller

Dr. Nalini Lonial

Senior Gynecologist

Recent Testimonials

Our Patients Say

“Dr. Inchie is the best therapist in Meerut. I went for my kid’s physiotherapy, within 3 months my son responded so well due the positive efforts and time given by Dr. Inchie. Very punctual about the appointment time, listens well and understands the problem and handles it in a very positive manner.”

-Nidhi Agarwal
(a mother)

“Best place for children with developmental issues. Dr. Inchie Lonial is perfect in her field, she is very soft spoken. She is highly experienced and her plan for kids with developmental issues are very specific and fruitful. In her guidance and with her therapies and home plan our daughter developed a lot. God bless Dr. Inchie so that she continues to do good of kids and bringing hopes in parents life.

In short her clinic name is self explanatory.”

-Alka Juneja
(a mother)

“One of the best place in Meerut for all children having any developmental difficulties. Talking about Dr. Inchie Lonial Ma’am, she is very friendly, counsels well and make things very clear. I am associated with them for a number of months, and seen tremendous improvement in my son. A big thanks to Inchie Ma’am and her professional staff at all times.”

-Tomer Bros
(a father)