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Developmental Checklist for Infants and Toddlers

At 1 Month

  • Momentarily holds up head when supported.
  • Avoids slightly annoying sensations, such as cloth put on face.
  • Some “gurggling” sounds.
  • Raises head slightly off bed or floor when lying on stomach.
  • Briefly watches and follows object with eyes.

At 2 Months

  •  Vocalizes.
  •  Mimics or responds to smiling person with occasional smile.
  • Follows moving person with eyes.
  • Holds feet erect, bobbing, when supported while sitting.

At 3 Months

  • Lifts chest and head when lying on stomach.
  • Recognizes breast or bottle.
  • Spirited body movement.
  • Chuckles, coos.
  • Improved head control.

At 4 Months

  • Rolls from side to side.
  • Follows moving object when held sitting.
  • Good head control.
  • Laughs.
  • May begin to reach.
  • Enjoys play.
  • Grasps object, such as rattle, held near hand.

At 6 Months

  • Rolls from back to stomach.
  • Moves object from hand to hand, hand to mouth.
  • Sits with little support.
  • Babbles more than two sounds.

At 9 Months

  • Sits by self.
  • Unwraps block.
  • Changes position without falling.
  • Says “mama,” “baba” or “dada”.
  • Plays with two objects at same time.

At 12 Months (1 Year)

  • Pulls self up, stands.
  • Gives toy on request.
  • Steps with support.
  • Displays affection.
  • Picks up things with thumb and one finger.
  • Follows simple directions with gesture.
  • Stacks two blocks.
  • May say two or more words.

At 15 Months

  • Walks without support.
  • Says four or five words.
  • Stacks three blocks.
  • Vocalizes, voice up and down, sounds like conversation.
  • Some feeding of self. .
  • Uses gestures to communicate.

At 18 Months

  • Walks, runs a little.
  • Marks with crayon on paper.
  • Climbs up or down one stair.
  • Partially feeds self.
  • Enjoys pull toys.
  • Says five to ten words.
  • Likes being read to.

At 24 Months (2 Years)

  • Kicks large ball.
  • Recognizes familiar picture, knows if upside down.
  • Turns pages, two or three at a time.
  • Asks for items by name.
  • Imitates housework.
  • Uses two or three words together, such as “Want blanket”.

At 36 Months (3 Years)

  • Briefly stands on one foot.
  • Feeds self.
  • Walks up stairs.
  • Opens door.
  • Rides tricycle.
  • Verbalizes toilet needs.
  • Speaks in sentences
  • Sorts by shapes and colors.

At 4 Years

  • Gets along with people outside the family.
  • Draws circles and square.
  • Rides a tricycle.

At 5 Years

  • Tells name and address.
  • Jumps, hops, and squares.
  • Gets dressed
  • Counts 10 or more objects.
Sarthak Early Intervention Toolkit

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