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Does your child have Autism or Not?

If answers to any of the following questions are YES, your child may need an assessment to check if he/she has autism:

  • Does your child avoid eye contact?
  • Does you feel he does not respond when you call out his name?
  • Is he lost in his own world?
  • Is it hard for him to sit still?
  • Is he not speaking yet?
  • Does he still babble, when kids of his age are speaking in sentences?
  • Would you recall that your child had begun to speak out few meaningful words between the age of 1 and 2 years, and has forgotten them entirely?
  • Does he repeat the question itself when you ask him something?
  • Do you feel he cries incessantly and you really do not know how to help him?
  • Does he stare at spinning objects, and just wouldn’t leave that place?
  • Does he react unusually to a change in his place, chair or routine?
  • Is he unable to tell you in words what he needs and pulls you to that place or takes your hand to do something he wishes?
  • Would your child just go and hug someone he does not know?
  • Is it hard for him to start a conversation himself?
  • Have you noticed him flap hands, wiggle fingers, continue to rock or jump at a place, spin around, spin objects, play with lights and shadows?
  • Does he put things not to be eaten, in his mouth?
  • Does he close ears to certain sounds?
  • Would he smell a lot of things, even those that apparently do not have any smell?
  • Have you seen him lining up objects?
  • Does he bang his head often, pull his private part, bite, grind teeth, push or bump into others, pinch, pull hair or peel at his skin?
  • Does he surprise you occasionally by doing something that tells he has an amazing visual memory and does not forget?
  • Do you as a parent feel incapable to understand your child’s problems well?


We are there to help you! Do not ‘wait and watch’. After a screening and assessment, a therapy plan would be designed accordingly to address your child’s concerns at the earliest.