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ADHD or not?
  • Does he easily get distracted when a task is given to him?
  • Does he find it tough to complete his schoolwork in time?
  • Does he have difficulty in following instructions well?
  • Does he seem forgetful or disorganized?
  • Does he lose his things at school often?
  • Is he restless and fidgety, touching this or that?
  • Do you feel he talks well, but a little too much, to the extent of not waiting for his turn?
  • Would he try to tell the answer even before the question is completed?
  • Do you feel he is unable to cope up with pace at school?
Oh, I hope it’s not a Specific Learning Disorder?
  • Is your child taking very long to recognize letters or numbers?
  • Do you feel he forgets entirely what you taught very recently?
  • Is formation of letters and numbers a big task for him?
  • Does he face difficulty in keeping between the lines?
  • Does he jumble up letters while writing words like soil/soli or was/saw?
  • Does he make mirror images or reversals like b/d, 14/41?
  • Is his reading slow, inaccurate and with lot of effort?
  • Does he skip between the lines while reading?
  • Does he have difficulty in remembering number facts?
  • Are math word problems a nightmare to him?
  • Forgetting symbols with inaccurate math calculations?
  • Is there something amiss with reasoning skills, despite being intelligent?
  • Is his academic performance disturbing you?